It’s all about your perception.

It’s the 25th of April 2020. The coronavirus outbreak hasn’t subsided. It’s rather, getting worse which is worrisome and scary. Many people are getting sick and dying everyday, which is horrifying.

I was thinking about all this today and thought if it was our fault that all this is happening and came to a conclusion that it is our fault, not the outbreak, but the spread. I wouldn’t expect all of you to agree with me but according to me, this is what it is.

When all of it started, we were told to stay in our homes and not do anything outside. Most people followed the instruction, but the defaulters of course didn’t abide by the rules and when they were stopped and punished for breaking the regulation, they started attacking the officials who wanted to help and keep us safe. Some even attacked the doctors who were treating us, which was horrifying and disgusting. And because of these people, the whole world is suffering today.

After looking into all these activities, I started thinking what actually was the problem with these people, who don’t want themselves to be safe, rather, wanted to be a rebel all the time and do things that are ultimately going to affect their lives. After thinking a lot, I realized that they only see the bad in everything. For example, in this situation, they think, staying at home wouldn’t help them be safe and is just a waste of time, which is not the truth but it’s their thought process. I’m sure, they are also scared of this virus and don’t want it to get inside their bodies, but they don’t understand the fact that if they go outside, they would ultimately become sick because of the virus.

Now, lets talk about people who are sitting at their houses doing nothing but seeing the news all day and getting more and more frightened every second. These people are only seeing the bad in the pandemic and do not realize that there is good part to it too. Now, most people reading this must be thinking what I’m talking about, so let me explain it to you; the outbreak made us all stay inside our respective homes. This has resulted in an enormous decrease in the pollution all over the world. In India, a state like Delhi, where the air used to be highly contaminated, there the air pollution (API) has drastically decreased. The hole in the ozone layer is also getting small, which is amazing. This tells us, that nature is getting replenished by humans not abusing the planet, because, of fear the virus has struck in us. All the bad things that we did to the nature are now getting repaired and coming back to its original form. This, after all, is going to help us in the future.

Now, of course the nature wants us to pay for the replenishment. So, the payment is the virus making us sick, but the good part is that it has, given us a choice of not getting sick by distancing ourselves from the outside world for a few days. And by the time, doctors come up with the vaccine, I’m sure, the world would be a better and a cleaner place to live in.

Hence, here comes the talk about perspective. There is always a good side and a bad side to everything in this world. Well, some have more good in them than bad and vice versa but both of it is always present. Therefore, it is our choice; to either see the good or the bad. People who want to have a positive and happy life should always find the good in everything no matter how much the situation is inclined towards the bad. It all depends on how we see things and what is our perception about it.
Remember, every dark cloud has a silver lining!

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