We all love holidays, don’t we? People of all age groups, whether it be a kid studying at school or an adult who goes daily to the office, everybody craves for a relaxed day at home. I’m sure, all of us have heard people cribbing for a family time and have heard them saying, they don’t get enough time to practice their hobbies, and are always busy with work from office or college or school. Personally, I used to listen to these particular sentences a lot of times everyday by many people and used to feel sorry for them.

Now, during this dreadful time, almost the whole world is in the state of complete lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. This is a dangerous situation but there is a good part to it. Everybody is told to stay at there homes and not get out under any circumstances. This means that they don’t have to work as much as they used to. The best part is, most of them are getting paid from the place they work even though they aren’t providing them any profit, which, according to me, is amazing.

Here comes the irony of this time:
Before the pandemic, everybody wanted time for themselves and their family, they wanted relaxation and wanted to do all sorts of stuff excluding their work, but now, all they want is to go to schools and offices to do their jobs. Funny, isn’t it? People are detesting things they wanted before and wanting things they detested before. They are getting bored of relaxing whereas this was the only thing they were craving and crying for, a few months back.

Here, comes the irony of life:
After looking at the present circumstances, I realized that this weird and uncanny situation takes places with everybody, all the time. People always want things they don’t have, and when they finally have the thing they want, they are never happy and content with it. This has now become a human tendency and a common character that everyone possesses, which is sad yet inevitable in today’s world.

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